ifmaKC Dues Restructuring

July 01, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

ifmaKC HQ

IFMA Kansas City Chapter is changing to an Integrated Dues Structure Beginning July 1, 2017

Beginning July 1st, 2017, current and new Members and Associates will transition to a new Integrated Dues Structure.  The new integrated structure combines Chapter Membership Dues PLUS admittance to all 10 Annual Program Lunch Meetings.  Key benefits of the new structure also include:

  • Fewer Expense Reports: One expense report for annual dues and all 10 Chapter Program Meetings.  International Membership Dues remain unchanged and are paid at the same time.

  • Overall Cost Savings: Members and Associates who attend most or all Program Meetings save up to 50% compared to the current dues structure.

  • Streamlined Program Registration:  Online RSVP for monthly Program Meetings is still required, however, payment is no longer required.

Integrated Annual Dues (Effective July 1, 2017):


IFMA Membership Dues

Chapter Membership Dues

Combined Dues

Monthly Programs/ Special Events

Professionals (FMs):










Young Professionals (FMs):












$0+Refund Int. Dues



Program Guests:






Member Impact:

Comparison of Integrated Dues Structure


Current structure:  $106 Chapter Dues + 10 Programs @ $30.00 each


Saved by Professionals attending all 10 annual Program Meetings


Saved by Associates attending all 10 annual Program Meetings


Effective increase for Professional Members not attending any Program Meetings


IFMA Kansas City is committed to supporting our Members with certification assistance, scholarships, access to education, career services and networking opportunities.  Associates are also a vital part of our organization that is invited to participate in all events, increase their exposure through sponsorships and gains exclusive access to top Facility Managers in Kansas City, the United States, and even the world.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please see our FAQ’s below or contact