Voucher Instructions

Meeting Voucher Registration Instructions

Due to catering requirements everyone must register before the registration deadline. If you joined or renewed after July 1, 2017, your membership likely includes 10 monthly Program Meeting Vouchers to use per year.    

To use your vouchers, please register using the following steps:

  1. Login onto the ifmaKC website (www.ifmaKC.org).
  2. Select “Register Now” for the event in which you want to attend.  If you can’t remember if you already registered go to “Click here to see who Registered” located at the bottom of every event.

3. Complete your contact information and click ‘Continue’
4. Choose ‘Add’ under Member Tickets.  

5.  Choose ‘Add’ again.  

6.  Here is where you apply your Voucher. Change the Apply voucher from 0 to 1 and click ‘Apply’. 

7.  Your total will adjust to $0.00 and click “Continue”

8.  It will give you one more chance to make any corrections.  If all ok, click “Continue”.