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The Kansas City Chapter of International Facility Management Association is seeking to reward potential for excellence in facility management. A career in professional facility management requires effective skills in communication and problem solving. Successful facility managers show an ability to provide and maintain effective workplaces, an awareness of workplace trends and technology, and dedication to professional ethics and values. The responsibilities of facility management are constantly changing. Facility managers supervise numerous aspects of a company’s facility, including security, architecture, computer systems, telecommunications, design, real estate acquisitions, and more. They coordinate the physical workplace with the people and work of an organization and play a role in maximizing employee productivity and efficiency. Various academic curricula prepare individuals for this career.


A scholarship pool of $5,000 has been approved by the Board, to be awarded to students of local area colleges and universities.  Awards will be a minimum of $500, and may be higher, depending on number of applicants and qualifications.  Scholarships will be awarded in June of this year.  


ifmaKC Offers TWO Scholarships

1)  Academic Scholarship:

Must be a full time undergraduate or graduate student, or a part-time graduate student registered in a Kansas or Missouri College or University enrolled in a curriculum relating to facility management. Those curriculums include, but are not limited to, the study of interior design, architecture, engineering, business operations, construction science, environmental design and facility management.  The deadline for Academic Scholarships is April 30.

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2)  Member Scholarship:

In order to promote IFMA certifications (CFM, FMP, SFP) ifmaKC members may apply for training courses and certification course scholarships. The deadline for certification scholarships is March 31st.

Click here to download the ifmaKC Certification Scholarship Application.


2015 Scholarship Recipients
     Alex Holtermann – Missouri State University 
     Heather Randolph – Kansas State University

2014 Scholarship Recipients
     Alex Holtermann – Missouri State University

2013 Scholarship Recipients
     Due to changes in the scholarship program, processing   
     and reporting the 2012 scholarship awards were   
     granted using 2013 funds. 

2012 Scholarship Recipients
     Lillian Cooper - Kansas State University
     Ian Patrick - University of Kansas
     Daniel Longo - University of Central Missouri
     Nicholas Moore - Kansas State University 

2011 Scholarship Recipients
     Colleen M Bradbury – Wichita State University
     Michele M Gregg - University of Phoenix
     Lillan Cooper - Kansas State University

2009 Scholarship Recipients
     Janet Alley – Johnson County Community College
     Allison Rudnicki - Drury University

2007 Scholarship Recipients:
     Katherine Hamilton - University of Kansas
     Kai Sun Luk - University of Kansas
     Kelsey Stein - Drury University

2006 Scholarship Recipients:
     Justin Clay - University of Kansas
     Erin Shelton - University of Missouri - Columbia
     Danielle Garrison - Kansas State University
     Elissa Bartel - Kansas State University

2005 Scholarship Recipients:
     Janet Alley – Johnson County Community College
     Jennifer Andalikiewicz – University of Kansas
     Jennifer West – Kansas State University
     Yingting Wu - Univerity of Missouri-Columbia

2004 Scholarship Recipients:
     Ashley Forsythe - Wichita State University
     Darcy Illk - Emporia State University
     Emily Drake - Park University
     Yingting Wu - Univerity of Missouri-Columbia
     Jeffrey Vaglio - University of Kansas

2003 Scholarship Undergraduate Recipients: 
     Aditi Arora - Kansas State University
     Jessica Hatfield - University of Missouri, Columbia
     Ryan Rosche - Kansas State University
     Clare Vogel - University of Missouri, Columbia

2003 Scholarship Graduate Recipients: 
     John Waller - University of Kansas

2002 Scholarship Recipients:
     Farrah Giurato - Wichita State University
     Rebecca Bruce - University of Kansas 
     Jake Wayne - University of Kansas
     Sridevi Sankarapu - Kansas State University
     Mason McPike - Kansas State University


Past Member Certification Scholarships

2015 Scholarship Recipients:
     Chris Adkins – CFM Prep Workshop

2014 Scholarship Recipients:
     There were no applicants this year.

2013 Scholarship Recipients:
     Brittany Gamble – SFP Certification Course
     Becky Beilhartz – SFP Certification Course
     Jeremiah Timlick – FMP Education Course
2012 Scholarship Recipients:
     Michele Gregg – SFP Certification Course


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