COVID-19 Resources

Returning to work (RTW) after COVID-19 will take patience and coordination. As a member of ifmaKC, you are connected to over 200 fellow area facility professionals and over 23,000 internationally. This page was developed to provide an exchange of information. If you have information you feel valuable to share, please email us at [email protected]. We'll review and share.

ifmaHQ and ifmaKC ResouRces Info

IFMA HQ - Coronavirus COVID-19 Resource Webpage

ifmaKCComing Back to Work Safely Roundtable 4/30/20 (Webinar) - posted 5/2/20
                 Coming Back to Work Safely Roundtable 4/30/20 (PPT) - posted 5/1/20

ifmaKCApril Program Meeting - Building Operations and Pandemic Emergencies - posted 4/30/20

Reputable Websites

ASHRAE COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness Resources - posted 5/15/20

BOMA International - Coronavirus Resource Center - posted 5/15/20

CBE (Center for the Built Environment - UC Berkeley) - COVID-19 Resources posted 7/4/20

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - posted 7/4/20

John Hopkins University & Medicine - Coronavirus Resource Center - posted 7/4/20

Whitepapers / Guidelines

AIA - ReOccupancy Assessment Tool v2 - posted 7/4/20

BNIM Architects - FUTURE FLOW re-imagining return to a resilient normal - posted 5/14/20
               Return to Work Employee Survey - posted 5/15/20

BOMA - Getting Back to Work: Preparing Buildings for Re-Entry Amid COVID-19 - posted 5/15/20

CBRE - Reopening The Worlds Workplaces - posted 4/30/20

CDC - Those who may have underlying health conditions which can put them at an increased risk - "People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness" - posted 4/30/20

CDC - Guidelines for workers who may have had exposure to Covid-19 - "Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19" - posted 4/30/20

CDC - Return to work guidelines for employees recovered of COVID-19 - "Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons with COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings (Interim Guidance)" - posted 4/30/20

Cushman & Wakefield - Recovery Readiness - A How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace - posted 4/30/20

EPA - Disinfectant Use and Coronavirus (COVID-19) - posted 5/15/20

FacilitiesNet - Ultraviolet Light Kills Coronavirus posted 5/14/20

FacilitiesNet 6 Facilities Strategies to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus - posted 5/15/20

FacilitiesNet The HVAC Factor: Paths To Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - posted 5/15/20

Federal Gov't OPM-OMB (Office of Policy Mgmt & Office of Personnel Mgmt) Joint Memo M-20-23 - Aligning Federal Agency Operations with the National Guidelines for Opening Up America Again  - posted 5/15/20

FM Systems - Safe Space Playbook  Identify, Plan & Deliver a Safe Workplace Re-Entry - posted 5/15/20
            (contains how technology can assist in workplace re-entry and info on post return-to-work contamination)

Gensler - Back to the Office: Return Strategies for the Workplace and Office Buildings - posted 6/25/20 ##

Gensler - Work + Place In The New Normal - Designing for Workplace Resiliency - posted 4/30/20

IFMA Foundation - Pandemic Manual - posted 7/4/20

Herman MillerReturn To The Office Point of View Research Reports - posted 5/19/20
          Return To The Office Point of View Research Reports (Executive Summary) - posted 5/19/20

Humana Well-Being (work at home) Care Kit - posted 5/15/20

Illumination Engineering Society - IES-CR-2-20-V1-6d.1 report - FAQ regarding Germicidal Ultraviolet Light to Kill Viruses - posted 5/15/20

IFMA(HQ) COVID-19 Webinar Series - #8: How to Prepare for Relapses or Closures - posted 5/15/20

JLL - COVID-19: Workplace Continuity - Preparing for re-entry and reimagining the workplace - posted 4/30/20

Knoll & New York Times - The Pandemic May Mean the End of the Open-Floor Office - posted 5/15/20

New England Journal of Medicine & Lancet - Diagram - How long the coronavirus can live on surfaces  posted 5/15/20

OSHAGuidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 - posted 4/30/20

OSHAGuidance on Returning to Work - posted 7/4/20

SpaceIQ - Is Your Workplace Post-COVID Ready?  (includes Checklist: Preparing a Post-COVID Workplace) - posted 4/30/20

Steelcase - Navigating What's Next: The Post-COVID Workplace - posted 4/30/20

Example Return-To-Work / Reintegration Plans

Scott Rice - Preparing to Go Back to the Office Post COVID-19 - posted 4/30/20

Example Signage

H&R Block - Mask Reminder posted 7/4/20

H&R Block - Work from Home Equipment Reminder posted 7/4/20

Menards - Attention Customers - posted 7/4/20


3M 3M Disinfectants for Emerging Pathogens (Coronavirus) - posted 5/15/20​​​​​​​

DIRTT Walls - Market Driver Theme Overview - posted 5/14/20​​​​​​​

Focal Point - VitalSign Human Thermal Scanner - posted 5/14/20​​​​​​​

iOffice Space-Right - Safe Distancing Planning Software posted 5/15/20​​​​​​​

Loftwall - Physical Separation Products - posted 5/2/20​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Signage Sample - Proper Mask Etiquette Sign (w/a positive twist) - posted 5/15/20​​​​​​​
(relieve sign fatigue, and provide reminder in a positive way)

Scott Rice - Physical Separation Products and Applications  - posted 4/30/20

StepNPullFoot Operated Door Opener - posted 5/14/20

Triax - Contact Tracking & Social Distancing Wearable Technology - posted 7/4/20


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